Homeroom: Grade 4

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since April 21, 2017.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 27Mar 28Manguage Review sheetsLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Mar 23Mar 26MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Mar 19Mar 20MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Mar 19Mar 23Math 9 times factsMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Mar 7Mar 22French Unit Test - Logos AnimauxFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Feb 27Mar 7Social STudies Test Social StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 26Feb 27MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 26Feb 27ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 26Mar 2MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 22Feb 23mathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 21Feb 22MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 20Feb 21MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 20Feb 21LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 14Feb 15mathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 14Feb 16remindersMiscellaneousMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 13Feb 14Language BookletLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 12Feb 13MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 12Feb 15MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 7Feb 7LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 6Feb 13ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 5Feb 6LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 5Feb 9ReminderMiscellaneousMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 5Feb 9Math FactsMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 30Feb 6MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 30Jan 31Language LanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 29Jan 30MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 26Jun 28Study Multiplication facts each nightMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 25Jan 25Math TextMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 24Jan 25LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 23Jan 24LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 23Jan 24MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 22Jan 23MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 22Jan 23MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 18Jan 22French Workbook - p 4, 5, 6, 7FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jan 18Jan 22MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 17Jan 18MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 15Jan 22Social Studies TestSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 12Jan 15MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 11Jan 12ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 11Jan 12MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 8Jan 15Math Test Jan. 15MathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 8Jan 11Math AssignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 3Feb 12Jump Start for HeartPhys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Dec 13Dec 15Get Test Signed - Unit 2 Test 1FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Dec 12Dec 13MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Dec 11Dec 12MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Dec 8Dec 11Social StudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Dec 8Dec 14Dec. 14th Christmas Tree LightingMiscellaneousMurphy, Bridget0
Dec 1Dec 11French Test - Unit 2 - Bonne Fête à TousFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Dec 1Dec 7Math AssignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 30Dec 8Math TestMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 29Nov 30LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 28Nov 30Workbook Page 16FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 27Nov 28LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 21Nov 22French Workbook p13 & NumbersFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 21Nov 22MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 20Nov 21MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 16Nov 20Math AssignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 15Nov 16MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 15Nov 24MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 14Nov 15MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 14Nov 21Social Studies TestSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 8Nov 13ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 7Nov 14Review French Birthday SongsFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 6Nov 7MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 3Nov 6ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 3Jan 31MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 2Nov 3MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 2Nov 3LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 1Nov 10ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget1
Oct 27Oct 30MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 26Oct 27LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 25Oct 27Get French Test Signed - Unit 1 FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 24Oct 25MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 23Oct 24MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 19Oct 26Math Test on Chapter 3MathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 18Oct 19MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 18Oct 23Math AssignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 17Oct 18MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 16Oct 17MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 16Oct 17Social StudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 16Oct 20MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 13Apr 18Skating DatesPhys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Oct 13Oct 16MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 6Oct 13French Puzzle PiecesFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 2Oct 3French Workbook p 6,7, &9FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 2Oct 6MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 29Oct 6Social STudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 28Sep 29MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 28Jun 20Reading LogLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 25Sep 28Math assignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 25Oct 2Math TestMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 22Sep 25MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 22Sep 25LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 20Sep 21MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 19Sep 20MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 19Sep 25ReminderMiscellaneousMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 18Sep 19Math WOrkbookMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 18Jun 21Reading LogLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 18Sep 22Math FactsMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 15Sep 18MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 12Sep 13MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 11Sep 18Social STudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 11Sep 12Math WorkbookMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 7Dec 31MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 7Sep 8Math WorkbookMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 7Jun 28Language ArtsLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 7Sep 8PE - Grades 4 and 5Phys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Sep 6Sep 8Please return Instagram permission form to Mlle GillisFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jun 2Jun 5Math AssignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 29May 30LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
May 26May 29MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 26May 29Social StudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
May 24May 25LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
May 24May 25MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 17May 18MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 16May 17LanguageLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
May 16May 17Social StudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
May 9May 10Math WorkbookMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 8May 11Math CHapter 10 assignmentMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 5May 12Math TestMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 3May 4MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 1Jun 19Math FactsMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
May 1May 11ScienceScienceMurphy, Bridget0
May 1May 5Social Studies TestSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Apr 27Apr 28MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Apr 27May 5Social StudiesSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Mar 20Jun 16Math Multiplication factsMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 22Jun 21MathMathematicsMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 5Jul 19Reading EggspressLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Dec 9Jun 20ReadingLanguageMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 16Apr 21SkatingPhys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Sep 15Jun 20ReadingLanguageMurphy, Bridget0