Homeroom: Grade 9

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 12Jan 16Clothing Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Jan 12Jan 16Clothing Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Jan 11Jan 16STSE assignmentScienceRose, Deana0
Jan 9Jan 15TestLanguageLane, Sandra0
Jan 9Jan 10p. 85 #s 1-8; BLM 1-32, 1-33; read section 3.3; study for test Jan. 18ScienceRose, Deana0
Dec 14Dec 18Clothing 1101Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Dec 4Dec 6finish lab 2-3A and 2 other Bohr-Rutherford diagramsScienceRose, Deana0
Dec 1Dec 7Study for Chapter 5 Test Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Nov 24Nov 28Clothing 1101Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Nov 24Nov 28Clothing 1101Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Nov 23Nov 27p. 47 #s 1-14; foldableScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 23Nov 24p. 43 #s 1-5, read ch. 2ScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 20Nov 27lab 1-a, b, cScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 15Nov 29TestLanguageLane, Sandra0
Nov 15Nov 27Unit 1 TestLanguageLane, Sandra0
Nov 1Nov 15Chapter 4 Assignment Social StudiesReardon, Danielle1
Oct 31Nov 15Chapter 4 Assignment Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Oct 31Nov 2QuestionsLanguageLane, Sandra0
Oct 23Oct 24Read ch. 12; do p. 439 #s 1-4; p. 441 #s 1-3ScienceRose, Deana0
Oct 20Oct 24read ch. 12ScienceRose, Deana0
Oct 19Oct 20Kath and Mouse QuestionsLanguageLane, Sandra0
Oct 16Oct 20Courage Collages LanguageLane, Sandra0
Oct 16Oct 17Grade 8 Math TestsMathematicsHolmes, Terry0
Oct 16Oct 23Grade 9 Math AssignmentMathematicsHolmes, Terry0
Oct 12Oct 18ClothingClothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Oct 10Oct 12Over the Edge QuestionsLanguageLane, Sandra0
Oct 4Oct 10Astronaut research project; definitions of space technologies(see notes)ScienceRose, Deana0
Oct 2Oct 5Story board PostersLanguageLane, Sandra0
Oct 2Oct 5Story Board PostersLanguageLane, Sandra0
Sep 27Oct 2study for test MondayScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 26Sep 29Chapter 2 Review Questions and Climograph AssignmentSocial StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 25Oct 2study for test on MOndayScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 25Sep 26p. 407 #s 1-5; p. 411 #s 2-4, 7-9, 12, 14ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 21Sep 22p. 394 #s 1-4; p. 397 #s 2, 4-7, 9-12; read ch. 11.1-11.2ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 19Sep 20Language 9LanguageLane, Sandra0
Sep 18Sep 21STSE questions and lab 10-3BScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 18Sep 21Chapter 1Clothing 1101 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Sep 14Sep 15Chapter 2: Study Questions and Reading Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 13Sep 14p. 385#s 2, 3, 5-8, 11-13; p. 386 #s 2, 4, 6-8ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 11Sep 12Finish Notes on astronomers and read ch. 10ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 5Jun 22Mme Dionne's plannerFrenchDionne, Nancy0
May 29Jun 5Final Project Presentation Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
May 19May 23Read ch. 6; do p. 191 #s 1-3; reminder lab 6-1B due Tuesday. Test May 30ScienceRose, Deana0
May 17May 18finish p. 175 #s 1-4; p. 179 #s 1, 3-7, 10, 12 ,16ScienceRose, Deana0
May 11May 18Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
May 5May 10Environmental Science 3205Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
May 4May 11Finish STSE article and all questionsScienceRose, Deana0
May 2May 11Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Apr 25Apr 28Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Apr 20Apr 21Grade 9 ScienceScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 19Apr 20Grade 9 ScienceScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 10May 2Interactive Foldable Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Apr 7Apr 11Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Apr 5Apr 6Social Studies 9Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Apr 5Apr 6P. 328 #s 1-5; p. 334 #s 1-4; p. 335 #s 1-14ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 4Apr 5Social Studies 9Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Mar 31Apr 5Finish p. 318, 319, 321, 323 all questions and STSE questions.ScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 29Apr 3Finish p. 312 all questions; STSE articles and questionsScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 28Mar 29Do all questions p. 308, 310 and 312. Test April 7ScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 20Mar 29Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Mar 20Mar 21lab 9-1A questions and p. 302 read and do questionsScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 15Mar 16p. 280 #s 1-15ScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 15Mar 16finish p. 280 #s 1-3; p. 281 #s 1-13ScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 14Mar 24Study for Chapter 5&6 Test Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Mar 2Apr 5P. 318, 319, 321, 323 all questions and STSE article and questions. Review for test Apr. 7.ScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 28Mar 2Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet1
Feb 24Feb 28Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Feb 20Feb 21p. 273 #s 1-3; p. 274#s 1-3; p. 277 #S 1-7ScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 14Feb 15lab 8-2A,B; p. 162 #s 1-5; p. 165 #s 1-7.ScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 7Feb 21Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet0
Feb 7Feb 14lab 1-8a, b, cScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 6Feb 7finish lab 8-1AScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 3Feb 6Science 9ScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 3Feb 7Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet1
Jan 31Feb 1finish p. 237 #s 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 19ScienceRose, Deana0
Jan 31Feb 3Nutrition 2102Nutrition 2102 - 9Campbell, Janet1
Jan 30Jan 31p. 131 #s 1-6; p. 134 #s 1-7; read ch. 7ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 6Jun 21French 9 LessonsFrenchDionne, Nancy0