Homeroom: Grade 7

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 20Apr 23p. 264-66 #s 1-7 and reflect; study notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 19Apr 20Txt Impression questionsLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 18Apr 19'TXT' QuestionsLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 18Apr 27Unit 6 TestLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 16Apr 17P. 260 #s 1-3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 13Apr 25Study for Chapter 7 Test : Confederation Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 6Jun 26Ela 7 - TermsLanguageCampbell, Janet0