Homeroom: Grade 7

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 20Apr 23p. 264-66 #s 1-7 and reflect; study notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 19Apr 20Txt Impression questionsLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 18Apr 27Unit 6 TestLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 18Apr 19'TXT' QuestionsLanguageMyles, Trina0
Apr 16Apr 17P. 260 #s 1-3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 13Apr 25Study for Chapter 7 Test : Confederation Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Apr 11Apr 12BLM 4-8 & 4-16ScienceOram, Angela 0
Mar 28Mar 28The MooseLanguageMyles, Trina1
Mar 26Mar 27How to fly under the radarLanguageMyles, Trina1
Mar 21Apr 10Unit 6 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Apr 12Unit 6 test MathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 22P. 238 #s 1-9 and reflectMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 20Mar 21Beware of Bad Science questionsLanguageMyles, Trina0
Mar 20Mar 21Grade 7 Math text questionsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 19Mar 20Modern Manga questionsLanguageMyles, Trina1
Mar 15Mar 16ELA 'What's manga'LanguageMyles, Trina1
Mar 14Mar 15'The Way I Talk' paragraph responsesLanguageMyles, Trina0
Mar 14Mar 19Assignment #9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Mar 14Mar 15p. 230 #s 4-7 and reflectMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 14Mar 15The Way I TalkLanguageMyles, Trina1
Mar 13Mar 14p.291 #1,2,3,4/ p.300 #1,5,7,12ScienceOram, Angela 0
Mar 13Mar 16Journal - separation techniquesScienceOram, Angela 0
Mar 13Mar 14finish p. 229-30 #s 1-3 and review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 12Mar 22Unit 5 TestLanguageMyles, Trina0
Mar 12Mar 14Messages in the face of disaster,paragraph responses LanguageMyles, Trina0
Mar 9Mar 12Grade 7 MathMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 8Mar 15Study for Social Studies Chapter 6 (and map of BNA ) TestSocial StudiesReardon, Danielle1
Mar 7Mar 23French Unit Test - RatatouilleFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Feb 27Feb 28Finish QuestionsLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Feb 27Mar 26Unit 5 TestLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Feb 27Mar 5Rebellions in the Canadas questions Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Feb 26Feb 271st half of Core LabScienceOram, Angela 0
Feb 20Mar 5unit 5 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 15Mar 1Unit 5 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 14Feb 15P. 197 #s 1-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 13Feb 21Chapter 5 Workbook Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Feb 12Mar 28STSE #3ScienceOram, Angela 0
Feb 9Feb 13Lab - Mixtures/ p.249 #1,2,3,5/ p.250 #1,4,6,7ScienceOram, Angela 0
Feb 6Feb 7p.241 #1a,b,g,h, 3,4ScienceOram, Angela 0
Feb 6Feb 7ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Feb 5Feb 6ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Feb 1Feb 5ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Jan 16Jan 17p. 145-7 #s 3-11 and reflecft( 6 iii only); work on assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 12Jan 15ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Jan 10Jan 17Grade 7 Test - Unit 2FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jan 9Jan 18work on assignment due Jan. 18; review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 15unit 4 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 15Study for Social Studies Chapter 3&4 Test Social StudiesReardon, Danielle1
Dec 20Jan 912 Days assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Dec 19Dec 19TESTScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 18Dec 19ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Dec 15Dec 18ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Dec 14Dec 15ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Dec 11Dec 12p.216 #1,2,3,12ScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 11Dec 12ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Dec 11Dec 14assignment #6ScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 8Dec 11p.215 #1,2,3,6,9/ BLM 2-28ScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 8Dec 11ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Dec 7Dec 8p.205 #1,4,5ScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 5Dec 18Future Self PortraitSocial StudiesReardon, Danielle1
Dec 4Dec 7Core Lab - Absorb the EnergyScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 4Dec 5ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Dec 1Dec 15December Sketchbook Assignment ArtReardon, Danielle0
Dec 1Dec 5BLM 2-26 ConvectionScienceOram, Angela 0
Dec 1Dec 76.1 Questions p.191 #1,2,6,7,9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 29Dec 1ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 24Nov 27p. 106-7 #s 6-13 and reflect; read notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 24Dec 5unit 3 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 24Dec 8unit 3 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 23Nov 24ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 23Nov 29Assignment #5ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 23Nov 24p. 106 #s 1-5MathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 22Nov 23P. 1-2-3 #s 7-13 and reflect; study notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 21Nov 24Core Lab - Plateau ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 21Nov 22The OutsidersLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 21Nov 22The OutsidersLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 20Nov 24p.169 #1,3,7,11 - p.170 #11,14,16,18ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 17Nov 20Melting Points and Boiling Points BLM 2-14ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 16Nov 17The Outsiders - Chapters 5 & 6LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 15Nov 17p.157 #2,4,8,9,10ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 14Nov 15BLM 2-16/2-17/2-18ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 14Nov 15p. 95 #s 7-11 and reflectMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 8Nov 14p.143 #1,5,8,9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 6Jan 17STSE #2ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 6Nov 7Workbook - Research PageFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 3Nov 6The OutsidersLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Nov 2Nov 6Bring a small object to Art Class for drawing project ArtReardon, Danielle0
Nov 1Nov 15Social Studies 7: Impact of Contact Journal Assignment Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Nov 1Nov 6Assign 4ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 1Nov 8Portfolio 4 ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 1Nov 27November Sketchbook Assignment ArtReardon, Danielle0
Oct 31Nov 3p.131 #1,2,5,8,13/ p.132 #2,4,10ScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 31Nov 2The Outsiders - Chapters 3 & 4LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 27Nov 6Daily weather recordScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 27Oct 30Temperature PredictionsScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 26Oct 27The OutsidersLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 23Oct 24p. 75 #s 8-12 and reflect; study notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 20Oct 23finish p. 74-5 #s 3-7MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 18Oct 23portfolio 2ScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 18Oct 30portfolio 3ScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 18Oct 24Unit 1 TestLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 18Oct 19Math 7MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 17Oct 18ELA 7 - Release the CricketsLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 17Oct 27unit 2 assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 17Oct 31unit 2 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 16Oct 17Release the CricketsLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 16Oct 30French Test - Unit 1 FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 13Oct 17Assignment DueScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 12Oct 16p.85 #2,4,9,12/ p.94 #1,2,3,8,12,13ScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 10Oct 25Science TESTScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 10Oct 11ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Oct 10Oct 12BLM 1-19/1-20ScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 10Oct 13The Tiger Who Would Be KingLanguageCampbell, Janet1
Oct 6Oct 10French Workbook p 25, 26, 27FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 6Oct 10French Workbook p 25, 26, 27 & 29FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 4Oct 5Journal - primary/secondary successionScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 4Oct 5p.73 #2,4,6,9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 29Oct 16Empowerment Poster Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 28Sep 29ConnectionsLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 27Sep 28p. 36-7 #s 1-8 and reflect; X factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 27Oct 3study for test on Tuesday; X factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 27Sep 29Prepare for Pie Chart PresentationsFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 25Sep 27p.63#1,2,3,5,8/ p.64#3,5,6,8,10/ Journal - Nutrient cycleScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 21Sep 22p. 33 #s 1-3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 21Sep 25p.59 #1,2,3,6/ JournalsScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 21Sep 22Finish Empowerment Puzzle Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 20Sep 22ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 20Sep 21p.49 #2,4,7,8,9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Sep 21MUR p. 29 #s 1-8; x factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 20Sep 29unit 1 assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 19Sep 21Study for Map Quiz Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 19Sep 20p. 27-28 #s 1-5 and reflect.MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 19Sep 29assignment unit 1 due(tentative).MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 18Sep 29ART 2200 Sketchbook Cover Design ArtReardon, Danielle0
Sep 14Sep 15Core Lab/ Key worksheetScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 14Sep 15HandoutLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 14Sep 18p.29 #1,3,5,8,9/p.30 #1,2,3,4,7,9,13,16,20ScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 13Sep 14Paragraph ResponseLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 13Sep 14Map of Canada Handout / Study Guide Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
Sep 12Sep 13Casey At the BatLanguageCampbell, Janet1
Sep 12Sep 13p. 19#s 7-10 and reflect; X factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 12Sep 15French Workbook up to page 15FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 11Sep 12Paragraph ResponseLanguageCampbell, Janet1
Sep 11Sep 12p.23 #2,3,4,6,7,8,9ScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 11Sep 12p. 18 #s 1-3 study ; multiplication quiz every FridayMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 11Oct 27STSEScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 8Sep 11p.15 #2,3,4,5,8,10ScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 7Sep 8Poem AssignmentLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 7Sep 8French Workbook pages 2,4 & 5FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 6Jun 26Ela 7 - TermsLanguageCampbell, Janet0
Sep 6Sep 7French Workbook p. 1& 3 +highlight terms in glossaryFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 6Sep 8Please return Instagram permission form to Mlle GillisFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jun 2Jun 2STSEScienceOram, Angela 0
Jun 1Jun 2Unit 8 review p. 334-7 #s 1-8; study for testMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 1ELA 7 - Reach for the StarsLanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 25May 26ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 24May 25ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
May 24Jun 2Biographical Profile Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
May 24Jun 2ELA 7 Unit 6 TestLanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 24Jun 2ELA 7 Unit 6 TestLanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 19May 19Science TestScienceOram, Angela 0
May 17May 18finish p. 313#s 5-9 and reflectMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 16May 17p. 312 #s 1-4. Work on assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 16May 19Journal by Chanie Wenjack Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
May 12May 16Louis Riel Newspaper Social StudiesReardon, Danielle0
May 11May 12ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet2
May 9May 15ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
May 5May 10p.444 #1,2,4,6,12,19ScienceOram, Angela 0
May 5May 11assignment 12ScienceOram, Angela 0
May 4May 5ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 3May 4ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
May 2May 3p.421 #2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11/ BLM 4-38ScienceOram, Angela 0
May 1May 2ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet2
May 1May 3WorkbookFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Apr 28May 2Finish frayer modelMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 27Apr 28p. 288 #s 5-7 and reflect.MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 26Apr 27p. 287 #s 1-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 26Apr 27BLM 4-32/4-36/4-23ScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 26May 1p.403 #1,2,3,8,12/p.404 #1,2,4,11,12,15,17ScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 26May 2Assignment #11ScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 25Apr 26p.389 #3,6,7,10,11,13,14ScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 25Apr 25ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet1
Apr 24Apr 25p.373 #1,2,3,6,9,10ScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 24Apr 26BLM 4-Pangaea PuzzleScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 24Apr 25p. 282#s 1-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 24May 1unit 7 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 24May 3unit 7 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 10Jun 2ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0
Dec 4Dec 5ELA 7LanguageCampbell, Janet0