Homeroom: Grade 6

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 20Apr 23get XPs, assignment and test signedScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 20Apr 23get XPs, assignment and test signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 18p. 293 #s 1-7; get things signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 20Change of schedules: Review #s 1-8 ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 23change of schedule: Review # 9-16ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 25Schedule change: test unit 3ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 16Apr 23finish review assignmentScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 11Apr 23Country ResearchSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Apr 10Apr 12Health care workers worksheetHealthOram, Angela 0
Mar 26Apr 25Unit 3 review assignment dueScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 26Apr 26unit 3 testScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 22p. 225 #s 9-13MathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 26Workbook Lesson 5 activity 1 p. 30, 40 and reproducible 5 Hypothesis onlyScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28review unit 3 notes; can begin work on reviewScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28get math test and science project signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 14Mar 15XP lesson 4; review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 13Mar 27Drugs researchHealthOram, Angela 0
Mar 13Mar 14p. 217-8 #s 1-9 , XP lesson 3 and review notesLanguageRose, Deana0
Mar 9Mar 12Grade 6 MathMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 7Mar 22French Unit Test - Voyageons dans le temps...FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Mar 2Mar 16African Game ProjectSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Feb 20Feb 21Mid unit review p. 191 #s 1-9MathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 20Mar 2Unit 6 assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 20Mar 7unit 6 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 14Feb 23energy source project dueScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 13Feb 14p. 184-5 #s 1-7; XP L2 review notes; get things signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 9Mar 1unit 2 test; finish review assignmentScienceRose, Deana0
Feb 8Feb 12mummers pictureSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Feb 8Feb 15Food Label HealthOram, Angela 0
Feb 2Feb 5Get quiz and XPs signed; Finish ch. review #s 1-4; review quiz and XPs; Work on assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Feb 2Feb 8unit 5 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 30Feb 6unit 5 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 24Jan 29Traditions AssignmentSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Jan 18Jan 22Carnaval Extra Practice Book - Page 1& 2FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jan 18Jan 22Carnaval Extra Practice Book - Page 1& 2FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jan 16Jan 17Language round up - 3 MusketeersLanguageRose, Deana0
Jan 16Jan 17Language round up - 3 MusketeersMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 15Jan 16Research electricity safety to find 5 safety tipsScienceRose, Deana0
Jan 15Jan 17syudy notes, XPs and assignment and get things signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 9Jan 10p. 117-18 #s 1-3; review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 9Jan 15spelling quizLanguageRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 15Unit 4 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 9Finish lesson 2 and XP lesson 2MathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 17unit 4 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 15study spelling, test LanguageRose, Deana0
Jan 8Jan 15Lesson 7 p. 138 #s 1-3; XP lesson 7; assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
Dec 8Dec 11Math 6MathematicsRose, Deana0
Dec 6Dec 14French Test - unit 2 - SpaceFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Dec 5Dec 6p. 122-3 #s 2-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Dec 5Dec 8study spelling wordsLanguageRose, Deana0
Dec 1Dec 12Endangered Species project dueScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 24Nov 27p. 55 Interpret yor Results and Communicating results, study for testScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 24Nov 27review #s 14-15ScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 24Nov 27review #s 14-15ScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 24Nov 29Unit 3 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 24Dec 1unit 3 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 23Dec 11Health TESTHealthOram, Angela 0
Nov 23Nov 24p. 22 #s 1-4, review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 22Nov 23XXPs p. 1, 2; study notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 22Nov 23Lesson 11 act. 1 workbook; review questions #s 10, 11, 12; study for testScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 20Nov 21XP lessons 3 and 4, review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 20Nov 27UNit 1 review completedScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 20Nov 28unit 1 testScienceRose, Deana0
Nov 14Nov 15p. 7 #s 4-7 and XP lesson 1MathematicsRose, Deana0
Nov 14Nov 15Sign Friendship Poster EvaluationHealthOram, Angela 0
Nov 14Nov 15Language Round Up lesson 3LanguageRose, Deana0
Nov 13Nov 17sign assignmentSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Nov 13Nov 17sign assignmentHealthOram, Angela 0
Nov 7Nov 14Vocab - Unit 2FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 31Nov 1p. 99-100 #s 1-4 and XP lesson 8MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 25Nov 3Stereotypes AssignmentSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Oct 24Nov 7Friendship posterHealthOram, Angela 0
Oct 23Oct 24finish 20 terms to knowScienceRose, Deana0
Oct 23Oct 24Finish Mid unit review p. 86-7 #s 5-7; study facts and notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 23Oct 25get test signedLanguageRose, Deana0
Oct 20Oct 23read notes; study multiplication facts and words; finish XP lesson 4, 5MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 20Nov 2unit 2 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 20Nov 6unit 2 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 19Oct 30study spelling words; get novel test signedLanguageRose, Deana0
Oct 19Nov 3study notes and multiplication facts;MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 18Oct 19Math 6MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 13Oct 18Religion 6ReligionMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 6Oct 12French Assignement - L'importance de l'eau - Bus SignFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 5Oct 10get XPs, assign. and test signed; Finish p. 72-3 #s 5-13MathematicsRose, Deana0
Oct 5Oct 13Feast of First Meat, movie - bring foods etcLanguageRose, Deana0
Oct 5Oct 16novel testLanguageRose, Deana0
Oct 2Oct 10spelling quizLanguageRose, Deana0
Oct 2Oct 16Culture researchSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Sep 28Oct 6Peacekeeper AssignmentReligionMurphy, Bridget0
Sep 27Sep 28review notes, X facts and XPs; Finish p. 60 #s 1-10MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 27Sep 29Sign AssignmentSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Sep 26Sep 27cursive up to and including eLanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 26Sep 27complete p. 2-4 in XXXPsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 26Sep 28Finish p. 23, 24 and read p. 28 in WBScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 25Sep 26Ch. 9/10 finish conflict sheetsLanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 25Sep 29assignment unit 1 dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 25Oct 3Unit 1 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 25Sep 26p. 156 #s 1-6 and review notes and x facts day 3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 21Sep 22MUR p. 53 #s 4-5; work on assignment; X factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 21Sep 22Ch. 7/8 #s 3, 6, 7, 8; spelling wordsLanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 20Sep 21XP lesson 5, MUR p. 53 #s 1-3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 20Sep 21XP lesson 5 and MUR p. 53 #s 1-3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 20Sep 29Assignment Chapter 1HealthOram, Angela 0
Sep 19Sep 20Finish synonym and simile/metaphor sheets in novel workbook.LanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 19Sep 20p. 51 #s 1-4; x facts(day 2)MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 15Sep 25Culture ProjectSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Sep 13Sep 14p. 44#s 4, 5, 6 and XP lesson 3; factsMathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 13Sep 14workbook activity 1 lesson 3ScienceRose, Deana0
Sep 12Sep 13p. 44 #s 2, 3MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 12Sep 15French QuizFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 11Sep 12extra practice (XP) lesson 1, 2MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 11Sep 13Ch. 1-2 #s 1,4,5, 8-10LanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 8Sep 29multiplication facts quiz every Friday.MathematicsRose, Deana0
Sep 8Sep 15study words, spelling quizLanguageRose, Deana0
Sep 7Sep 11French - Sort visual dictionary terms into categories: l'air, l'eau, la terreFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 6Sep 7French Workbook p. 3 & 5 +highlight terms in glossary for les plantes, les animaux, et les habitatsFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 6Sep 8Please return Instagram permission form to Mlle GillisFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jun 5Jun 6p. 370-71 #s 2, 3, 6, 8 XP lesson 6; p. 373 #s 1-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Jun 5Jun 6read p. 12-16; work on reviewScienceRose, Deana0
Jun 5Jun 16review due ScienceRose, Deana0
Jun 1Jun 2P. 360#s 2-6; XP lesson 4MathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 7unit 10 assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 9unit 10 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 16unit 11 assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 19unit 11 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 19unit 11 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 24Jun 2finish space projectScienceRose, Deana0
May 23May 29Sports PosterSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
May 19May 23finish p. 280 #s 1, 4, 5, 9; XP lesson 10; p. 283 #s 1-4 and XP lesson 11. finish assignmentMathematicsRose, Deana0
May 19May 17research your celestial body to get an idea of the informationScienceRose, Deana0
May 17May 18p. 276 #s 2-4, 6 and XP lesson 8MathematicsRose, Deana0
May 17May 18finish rough draft of story for Friday, study words for quiz FRidayLanguageRose, Deana0
May 16May 17p. 272-3 #s 2-4, 7-9 and XP lessons 1-7 should now be complete.MathematicsRose, Deana0
May 15May 18addiction worksheetsHealthOram, Angela 0
May 15May 23finish final draft of storyLanguageRose, Deana0
May 12May 19study spelling words. Quiz FridayLanguageRose, Deana0
May 10May 11P. 252-3 #s 1-9MathematicsRose, Deana0
May 4May 5DARE EssayHealthOram, Angela 0
May 4May 9Food Label ProjectHealthOram, Angela 0
Apr 28May 43 food labelsHealthOram, Angela 0
Apr 28May 1p. 312-3 #s 6-15MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 27Apr 28XP lesson 4 and p. 312 #s 1-5MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 27May 5All research for project dueScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 27May 8Rough draft of essay dueScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 27May 12presentation oflight projectScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 26Apr 27p. 287 #s 1-4MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 26Apr 27p. 308 #s 6-11MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 26May 3unit 8 assignment dueMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 26May 5unit 8 testMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 24Apr 25XP lesson 3; XXP #s 1-9; p. 307 #s 1-5MathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 21Apr 25African Mask ProjectSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Apr 20Apr 21Grade 6 MathMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 26Study for testScienceRose, Deana0