Homeroom: Grade 6

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 20Apr 23get XPs, assignment and test signedScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 20Apr 23get XPs, assignment and test signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 18p. 293 #s 1-7; get things signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 20Change of schedules: Review #s 1-8 ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 23change of schedule: Review # 9-16ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 25Schedule change: test unit 3ScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 16Apr 23finish review assignmentScienceRose, Deana0
Apr 11Apr 23Country ResearchSocial StudiesOram, Angela 0
Apr 10Apr 12Health care workers worksheetHealthOram, Angela 0
Mar 26Apr 25Unit 3 review assignment dueScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 26Apr 26unit 3 testScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 22p. 225 #s 9-13MathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 26Workbook Lesson 5 activity 1 p. 30, 40 and reproducible 5 Hypothesis onlyScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28review notesMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28review unit 3 notes; can begin work on reviewScienceRose, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28get math test and science project signedMathematicsRose, Deana0
Mar 13Mar 27Drugs researchHealthOram, Angela 0
Mar 7Mar 22French Unit Test - Voyageons dans le temps...FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0