Homeroom: Grade 5

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 26Apr 26MATH TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 26May 2muscle and nervous worksheetScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 19Apr 19Science TestScienceOram, Angela 0
Apr 17Apr 18p.245 #1,3,4,5/ p.61 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 16Apr 23spelling workbook - dictionary sheetsLanguageOram, Angela 0
Apr 13Apr 20Math Assignment #7MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 11Apr 12p.239 #1-6MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 21Mar 22p.222 #1,2,3,4,5,6MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 21Apr 17Unit 3 testReligionRose, Deana0
Mar 21Apr 12unit 3 review assignment dueReligionRose, Deana0
Mar 15Mar 15TEST - tutorial Tuesday March 13MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 7Mar 22French Unit Test - Que le spectacle commenceFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Mar 7Mar 9chemical change worksheetsScienceOram, Angela 0
Mar 7Mar 9p.28 #1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 5Mar 7p.24 #1,2,4,5,6,8/ p.6 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 5Mar 12assignment - PatternsMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Mar 1Jun 22Complete any incomplete work from class before the next French classFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Feb 26Feb 27p.16 #1,2,3,4,6/ p.2 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Feb 26Mar 8Social Studies 5Social StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 26Mar 12Health testHealthMurphy, Bridget0
Feb 9Feb 12p.202 #1,2,3,4,5,7MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Feb 8Feb 26Sikhism pamphlet dueReligionRose, Deana0
Jan 31Feb 1p.186 #1,2,3,5,9/ p.46MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jan 29Jan 30p.178 #1,3,4,7,11,12/p.43MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jan 23Feb 9Science TEST - simple machinesScienceOram, Angela 0
Jan 23Jan 30Unit 2Test - Tous des champions!FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jan 22Jan 29Social STudies TestSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Jan 15Jan 22Shiloh Questions Chap 3-4LanguageOram, Angela 0
Jan 11Jan 17Assignment - Motion GeometryMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jan 11Jan 23TEST - Motion Geometry Chapter 5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jan 9Jan 10p.152 #1,2,3,4,5,7MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jan 9Jan 25Unit 2 testReligionRose, Deana0
Jan 9Jan 18Review dueReligionRose, Deana0
Jan 3Feb 12Jump Start for HeartPhys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Dec 11Dec 12p.142 #1,2,3/p.35-36 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Dec 5Dec 19MATH TEST MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Dec 5Dec 14Assignment DueMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Dec 4Dec 5p.122 #1-5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 30Dec 7science workbook -lessons 1-6ScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 27Nov 27Tutorial @3:10MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 27Dec 11Social Studies TestSocial StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 22Nov 30Health 5HealthMurphy, Bridget0
Nov 22Dec 1Canadian Athlete ProjectFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 20Nov 21p.283 #1,2,4,7,8,9/p.72 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 17Nov 24Assignment DueMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 16Nov 28TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 16Nov 17p. 279 #1,2,3,4,5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 15Nov 16p.274 #4,5,6,7,9MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 14Nov 21Get evaluations signedReligionRose, Deana0
Nov 14Nov 15Sign Poster EvaluationScienceOram, Angela 0
Nov 14Nov 23Unit 1 testReligionRose, Deana0
Nov 8Nov 14p.269 #1-9/ extra practice 7 pagesMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 6Nov 17Study - Do one page per night from french workbook!FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Nov 2Nov 3p.262#1,2,4,5,6,8/ p.65 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Nov 1Nov 17Unit 1 - Au Café - Open Book TestFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 31Nov 1p.259#1,2,3/ WB p.64MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 31Nov 6November Book OrderMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Oct 20Oct 20Wear PJMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Oct 20Oct 23p.107#4,5,7,8,9MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 19Oct 20p.28/29 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 18Nov 1Weather ResearchScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 18Nov 3Science Test - WeatherScienceOram, Angela 0
Oct 17Oct 25Hindu God/goddess project dueReligionRose, Deana0
Oct 16Oct 25Health Test Grade 5: Oct. 25HealthMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 16Oct 17p.26 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 16Oct 26MATH TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 16Oct 30French Test - Unit 1 FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Oct 13Oct 16p.99 #1-7MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 13Apr 18Skating DatesPhys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Oct 13Oct 24Assignment DueMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 10Oct 12p.92#1,2,4,6/p.24 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 6Oct 10p.90#1,2,4,9MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 6Oct 10comic stripLanguageOram, Angela 0
Oct 5Oct 13Social Studies Grade 5Social StudiesMurphy, Bridget0
Oct 4Jun 6MATH CLUB - Wednesday lunchtimeMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Oct 4Oct 6Sign Math TestMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Oct 3Oct 12weather folkloreScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 28Oct 6French Review - Moi, Toi, Je, Tu, VousFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 26Oct 2foster family letter - rough draftLanguageOram, Angela 0
Sep 25Sep 25Picture DayMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Sep 25Sep 27clouds worksheetsScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 22Sep 25p.72 #1,2,4,5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 21Sep 22p.68#1,2,3,5/p.18 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 21Sep 22assemble scarecrowLanguageOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Sep 21p.65 #1,3 / p.17 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Sep 29TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Sep 26Assignment Due/ Tutorial Thursday, 28 @ 3:15MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Jun 7BOARD GAME CLUB - Thursday LunchtimeMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Sep 20Sep 25Essay final copy dueReligionRose, Deana0
Sep 18Sep 22Math Journal - Due Every FridayMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 13Sep 15French Workbook page 8, 9, 10, 11FrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Sep 12Sep 13p.50 #1,2,3,4/ p.13 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 11Sep 25Terry Fox Money DueMiscellaneousOram, Angela 0
Sep 8Sep 11p.46 #1,3,4,6,7 p.11 workbookMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 7Sep 8p.42 #2,3,7,8MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Sep 7Sep 8PE - Grades 4 and 5Phys. Ed.Campbell, Janet0
Sep 6Sep 8Please return Instagram permission form to Mlle GillisFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Jun 13Jun 14p.350 #1,2,7/ p.89 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jun 9Jun 12p.344 #1,2,3,4,5,10/ p.88 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jun 9Jun 16Weather ResearchScienceOram, Angela 0
Jun 8Jun 9p.340 #1,2,4,6/p.87 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Jun 5Jun 5TUTORIAL 3-3:45MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 31Jun 8Unit 4 review dueReligionRose, Deana0
May 31Jun 15test unit 4ReligionRose, Deana0
May 30Jun 2MATH AssignMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 29Jun 6TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 26Jun 2TESTScienceOram, Angela 0
May 24May 25p.94 WB/ p.372 $1,2,3,4MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 23May 24p.368 #1,2,3,5,7MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 19May 23Sign TestMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 18May 18MATH TESTMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 15May 16Assign DueMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 11May 12p.326 #1,2,4,5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 10May 11p.323 #1,2,3,5/ p.82 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 9May 10p.320#1,3,4,5,6MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 4May 5DARE EssayLanguageOram, Angela 0
May 3May 4p.313 #1-9MathematicsOram, Angela 0
May 1May 2p.309#1,2,3,4,5MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 28May 1p.304#1,2,3,4,5/p.77 WBMathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 26Apr 27p.300 #1,2,3,4,8,10,11MathematicsOram, Angela 0
Apr 24May 2MaisonFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Apr 24May 2MaisonFrenchGillis, Chelsea0
Apr 24Apr 28water cycle worksheetsScienceOram, Angela 0
Sep 12Jun 23Nightly readingLanguageOram, Angela 0
Sep 12Jun 16Math JournalMathematicsOram, Angela 0